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Principal Selection Input Session

The SBDM will be serving as the Principal Selection Committee and they need your help! Your input is integral in the selection process. You are encouraged to join in this process by attending the meeting!

Thursday February 4, 2021 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 940 5097 5655

Click Here to view the letter from Darryl Thompson Chief Equity Officer and District SBDM Coordinator

PTA Reflections Dixie Magnet Elementary 16th District Awards

Dance Choreography: Anna Willoughby*, Overall Winner, Primary Division

Film Production: King El-Amin*, Overall Winner, Intermediate Division

Literature: Maxwell Willoughby, Award of Merit, Primary Division

Musical Composition: Zaria Barber*, Overall Winner, Intermediate Division

Musical Composition: Sawyer Bentley, Award of Excellence, Intermediate Division

Photography: Maxwell Willoughby, Award of Excellence, Primary Division

Visual Arts: Evey Jarvis*, Overall Winner, Primary Division

Visual Arts: Josie Mayer, Award of Merit, Intermediate Division

Visual Arts: Eli Gunnell, Award of Excellence, Special Artist Division

*These students will advance to the KY PTA Reflections Competition this Spring!

The National PTA's statement on Riots at the U.S. Capitol

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (Jan. 8, 2020)—The following statement can be attributed to National PTA President Leslie Boggs:

“National PTA condemns the storming of our nation’s capital. Like so many Americans, we were outraged by the violence, destruction and attack on our democracy. Wednesday was another hard day for our nation, and one that we should never have experienced.

“Every parent, grandparent, family member, community leader, business leader and educational leader knows it is how we choose to react to situations that makes the difference. Out of every challenge is an opportunity to do things better, think differently and embrace resources we never utilized before.

“National PTA is choosing to react with hope. We are choosing to honor our association’s values of collaboration, commitment, diversity, respect and accountability. We are choosing to continue to believe in the supreme importance of our children and in our mission to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

“This is an important time for all of us to sit down together with our children and talk with them about how democracy and government works in our country, the importance of practicing civility, and the importance of using our powerful voices for good.

“National PTA offers tips to help families and educators have conversations with their children about incidents such as the riots at the U.S. Capitol and ways to use such situations to reinforce family and community values and beliefs. The tips can be accessed at PTA.org.

“PTA has a rich legacy in coming together to help solve the toughest problems facing our children, families and communities. It is imperative that we choose to be united and supportive during this difficult time in our country. As PTA members, we must continue to help lead the way with our powerful, collective voice to protect the voice of our future—our children. Together, we can move above and beyond the division of our country and build a shared experience—the experience of working together as human beings, intent on building a better nation and world.”

National PTA's statement on riots at the U.S. Capitol

Resources for Dixie Families

A list of resources for Dixie families can be found on the resources link on the top of the page. We will keep this updated with items that could be useful to Dixie Dolphin Families, there are currently videos on mental health, being kind, yoga sessions for adults and children as well as other resources that may be useful to Dixie Families!

Thankful Thursdays

Sometimes we forget to thank the people that mean the most to us or the people who are there for us and help us everyday! We want to make sure everyone gets the thanks they deserve so we are doing Thankful Thursdays! Every Thursday from Thanksgiving until winter break we will be reminding you to be thankful for the people in your life. We love our Dixie family so we will be focusing on them, but you can thank anyone in your life, just by letting them know how much they mean to you! Remember, you can show the staff at Dixie how much you appreciate them all year long with our Hugs and High Fives!

Dixie Virtual Hugs and High Fives Program

Do you have a teacher that you want to appreciate? A student at home who wishes they could give their teachers a big hug or a high five? One of our fantastic PTA members suggested a way to give positive feedback for our awesome Dixie teachers and staff. Starting today we are launching the Virtual Hugs and High Fives Program. Just fill out this form to submit a response and let our teachers know how much you appreciate them. Submissions will be posted on social media and on the read the hugs and high fives page so everyone can see that the Dixie teachers and staff are amazing.


We need your pictures for the yearbook! This year is crazy and since we can't be on campus to get pictures of students working and having fun we need your help! To upload your photos you can download the Balfour ImageShare mobile app or go to https://images.balfour.com. Our project number is 105583. Email dmeyearbook@gmail.com for any questions you might have about submitting your photos!

PTA Newsletter

See our Newletter for current PTA news! Updated September 10, 2020.

2020-2021 School Year PTA Officers

  • President: Ruth Willoughby

  • 1st Vice President (Programs): Hilary Jarvis

  • 2nd Vice President (Membership and Family Engagement): Katie DeBlok

  • 3rd Vice President (Ways and Means/Fundraising): Susan Szczerbiki

  • 4th Vice President (Spirit): Laura Timm

  • Secretary: Whitney Cockerell

  • Treasurer: Melissa Pero-Gamble

If you have questions please contact any of the officers, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about PTA! If you would d like to get involved in PTA you can send a message to any of the board members or join us at our general meetings! We would love for you to be a part of the DME PTA!

Join the PTA

Add your voice and encourage others in your family and community to be involved by joining the Dixie PTA! Join quickly and easily online by visiting our new online membership store. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of 200 members!

When you become a member of the Dixie PTA, you also become a member of the Kentucky 16th District PTA, the Kentucky PTA, and the National PTA! See our Membership page for additional information.

Become a volunteer

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. In order to go on field trips, help out in the classroom, or assist with any of the various programs and events at school, you must complete an application to become an approved Fayette County Public Schools volunteer. The application is available online at https://apps.fcps.net/volunteer/.

You must complete a new application every four years, so be sure to check your expiration date if you have completed the application during a previous school year. More information is available on the Fayette County Public Schools website: https://www.fcps.net/volunteer.

See our Volunteer page for additional information on volunteer opportunities at Dixie Magnet Elementary.